Excerpts of Bob’s Master Mechanic Award Acceptance Remarks, September 27, 2016

“If an organization’s mission is social innovation, there are a couple of things in particular it needs to do well. It needs to build solid and abundant relationships and it needs to see the world around it as it really is….”

“As WAMS and its partners strive to see things whole, we recognize that for neighborhood renewal efforts to succeed in the long term, they must be multi-faceted, integrated, and comprehensive because social problems are interrelated. The comprehensive effort addresses every aspect of community life: economic opportunity; physical development and infrastructure; public safety; and services. We can tell our approach is working when residents begin to say: Sure this neighborhood has problems, but we like it here. Our families can begin to get ahead here….”

Michael Refolo, Robert Bachelder, and Robert Kennedy

Michael Refolo, Robert Bachelder, and Robert Kennedy

The Mechanics of Worcester founded its Association in 1842 to foster excellence in mechanical arts and to provide a forum that would infuse the growing community with a wider vision of human endeavor. With respect to our founding principles, the Annual Meeting of the Worcester County Mechanics Association shines a light on today’s visionaries and celebrates the qualities of leadership, diligence, creativity and innovation. The Master Mechanic Award is given to honor individuals and organizations whose contributions are creating a culture of excellence and growth in Central Massachusetts.

Kathleen Gagne, Associate Executive Director of Mechanics Hall,  Master Mechanic Award Introduction