2016 MASTER MECHANIC AWARD Presented to WAMS on September 27, 2016

The Mechanics of Worcester founded its Association in 1842 to foster excellence in mechanical arts and to provide a forum that would infuse the growing community with a wider vision of human endeavor. With respect to our founding principles, the Annual Meeting of the Worcester County Mechanics Association shines a light on today’s visionaries and celebrates the qualities of leadership, diligence, creativity and innovation. The Master Mechanic Award is given to honor individuals and organizations whose contributions are creating a culture of excellence and growth in Central Massachusetts. Congratulations to the 2016 Master Mechanic Award recipient, The Worcester Area Mission Society (aka WamsWorks), Bob Bachelder, Minister and President.

Kathleen Gagne, Associate Executive Director of Mechanics Hall,  Master Mechanic Award Introduction

Bob Bachelder, Minister and President, Worcester Area Mission Society: Master Mechanic Remarks