Youth Engagement Programs

With so much advice directed at being “the change you want to see,” but so little advice provided on how to get there, it’s not surprising that so many youth speak of the anxiety they feel when it comes to their future.

At WAMS we have seen first hand the value of youth programming that educates, engages and empowers young people to find their place and make a real difference. Our programs inform our youth about social issues and connect them with the resources they need to become actively and effectively involved in their communities, empowering them to become leaders for themselves and for the next generation.

ReachOut Worcester is a guided overnight immersion program that offers Greater Worcester-area youth (age 13 and up) and their leaders a deep dive into what it might be like to live day to day, struggling for food and shelter, and the ways in which openness to the formation of deep, meaningful relationships between those who “serve” and those who come to be “served” can make a big difference for everyone.

Learn&Serve Worcester is an ad hoc program connecting youth and their leaders with hands-on opportunities to achieve real objectives for the community as well as deeper understandings and skills for themselves. Partners include Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/ Greater Worcester, Matthew25, Mustard Seed and the Regional Environmental Council.

Community Programs

WAMS is an active partner in the community effort to make a measurable difference in the lives of children, families and individuals as they strive for an independent and financially secure life.

Summer CUBS (Comprehension and Understanding Brings Success) Program is a collaboration between the WAMS, Clark University’s Adam Institute and the Worcester Public Schools (WPS) / Woodland Academy. Summer CUBS brings together current and future educators, WPS high school interns and adult and youth mentors from neighboring communities to offer interactive and individualized summer learning to elementary school students who attend Woodland Academy.

The Conference Event Series convenes groups from across the City of Worcester and the State who are committed to fresh thinking and new understandings of the needs and strengths of our various communities. Together we strive to create inclusion, access and opportunity for all.