WAMS service learning programs are designed to help youth and their leaders better understand some of the barriers that exist for people in our community. These programs encourage and inspire youth and adults to take the leap of faith that is sometimes required in order to move beyond “us and them,” to a place where we are just people, each with our own gifts, successes, failures and dreams. At the same time, these programs meet critical needs in the Worcester area.

Matthew25 Low Income Rental Housing:

During Saturdays in the Spring / Fall and Weekdays in the Summer, groups are invited to assist in the process of renovating previously run-down and/or condemned properties that have been acquired by the private, non-profit group Matthew 25; properties that are ultimately rented to low-income families at a percentage of their income, not only helping families in need but improving the immediate neighborhood and the city as a whole.More

Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/ Greater Worcester Low Income Home Ownership and Repair:

There are so many ways that communities of faith and others can help families to access affordable housing through home ownership and to help families (veterans in particular) who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes, reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. More

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