Matthew25 Low Income Housing Renovation

During Saturdays in the Spring / Fall and Weekdays in the Summer, groups are invited to assist in the process of renovating previously run-down and/or condemned properties that have been acquired by the private, non-profit group Matthew 25; properties that are ultimately rented to low-income families at a percentage of their income, not only helping families in need but improving the immediate neighborhood and the city as a whole.

FALL 2017 PROJECTS Include:

Completing the laying of a brick patio around the perimeter of a recently completed home that is now occupied by renters.


Siting, building and pouring of foundation forms at a new property.

Youth and adults ages 13 and up are invited to participate in these efforts.

Let us know that you’re interested by emailing, and we can then work together with Matthew25 to identify what day or days your group would like to come. Sometimes groups are interested in staying overnight at a host church…. If your church is in Worcester and would like to serve as a host to another group, let us know that too!

For more information, please see Upcoming Events.