The objective of Summer CUBS is to provide an enriching and engaging curriculum that will help students maintain the academic gains that they made during the previous school year while at the same time establishing an exciting learning community led by caring mentors.


Summer CUBS is supported by multiple stipended interns who are assigned various roles. During Summer 2020 the UCC college intern will support the delivery of the Summer CUBS program with specific responsibility for overseeing and directing the board games skill area. In this capacity the selected UCC intern will be expected to choose from a large variety of available games and oversee their implementation in a manner consistent with appropriate classroom management during four thirty-minute rotations each day. Each rotation will be comprised of approximately ten students. The entire rotation will represent four different age groups. 

The purpose of the board games skill area is to support mathematical skills including numeracy, logic and analysis, as well as to offer children opportunities to plan, cooperate, negotiate, and advocate. Through this skill area the children in the program will learn to be both ‘leaders’ and ‘followers,’ celebrating accomplishments and growing from disappointments.

A successful intern will ensure that all children are positively engaged in an activity. Classroom management skills will be essential in this role and several seasoned educators will be available to oversee the selected intern’s approach and to offer constructive and encouraging feedback and assistance on a daily basis.

College students who are interested in working with children in a culturally diverse elementary school community and who have experience leading groups of children in a school or camp setting are encouraged to apply for this internship.

Responsibilities will include: 1) attendance at a volunteer mentor training session (location and date to be determined); 2) working with the Program Director and other staff during the four week program that begins on Monday July 6 and ends on Friday July 31, with specific responsibility for leading the board games skill area as noted above. Expected commitment of approximately 22.5 hours per week — Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. — during the 4 weeks of  the program.

The internship carries a stipend of $1200. To apply for this internship please send an email to that includes 1) a resume focused on pertinent experience and 2) a cover letter describing why you are interested in this internship and the experiences during high school and so far in college that qualify you to be selected for this internship.

Applications will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, May 24. Phone, Skype and/or in person interviews will be held with qualified candidates on a “rolling basis” as applications are received. Final decision will be made by June 7th.