The Worcester Area Mission Society (WAMSworks) was created in the 1800s during the height of the Religious Social Progressive Movement, a period of time known for its remarkable degree of collaboration between academics, Protestant clergy and prominent community figures. Witnessing a crisis of inequality, poverty, physical deprivation, hunger and worker abuses, these leaders dedicated themselves to providing the moral leadership they believed necessary to encourage direct action. The Worcester Area Mission Society, similar to other well known “settlement houses” was created to offer workers services and classes as well as a place of respite and community.

Core Values

In the 150 years since its creation WAMSworks has continued as a faith based organization guided by a “moral compass” to reach across racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic lines to promote liberty, equality, and opportunity for all. We take seriously our core value of inclusion and we strive to be welcoming especially to individuals and communities that have been historically marginalized and excluded.

Guiding Principles

Morality can not be exclusive to any one set of “believers” or “non-believers”

Our world today is far too complex to be satisfied with programs that promote social conformity

True morality requires the dismantling of human made systems of oppression that assign people different values based on arbitrary characteristics over which they have no individual control

A just world will only be realized through the full inclusion of communities that have been historically marginalized and excluded

All people are equal and deserve basic dignity, freedom, political rights, and economic opportunities in life