Welcoming and Supporting Afghan evacuees who are settling in the Greater Worcester/ Central MA area.


Fair and Affordable Housing Seminar

2013 through 2016

Conference Event Series where hundreds of participants from across the City of Worcester and around the State came together to reimage a safety net with the primary purpose of lifting families up through support and prevention as opposed to one primarily focused on responding to crisis. Several of the unique presentations continue to be relevant and informative even today.

Tim Garvin, CEO and President of United Way of Central Mass. offers 5 ways that together we can redefine and reimagine social progress.

Charles Gagnon, COO of the South Middlesex Opportunity Council encourages us to imagine differently.

Ruthie Liberman, Vice President of Public Policy for Empath (formerly Crittenton Women’s Union), offers measurable results as Empath works to shape public policy and achieve social change

Senator Jamie Eldridge calls for a broader vision to make a greater difference in families’ lives.

Empath Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Mary Coleman describes how toxic stress affects decision making among the poor, and outlines the goals/ success of the Crittenton Mobile Mentoring Program.

Jon Wortmann, author, trainer and minister, identifies tools that social service providers and others working with clients under stress can use to practice self care.

John Wortmann, author, trainer and minister, offers specific strategies  that can be used to diffuse and manage stressful situations.