WAMS’ building, located at 6 Institute Rd in Worcester is home to several organizations in addition to WAMS, including the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, the Central Area Office of the United Church of Christ and United Congregational Church. As such, “6 Institute” serves as a daily hub for critically important programming and activities that enhance the well-being of our community and its residents. Designed by Stephen Earl and containing numerous pieces of stained glass designed by Sarah Wyman Whitman, WAMS’ building occasionally also supports programming and activities that celebrate it’s cultural and artistic presence as one of Worcester’s architectural masterpieces.

parkingWAMS has created  policies that welcome building use by organizations whose social and cultural programs are congruent with our own efforts to lift up human dignity and promote social justice. WAMS’ parking lot is located directly across from the building where Institute Road meets Grove Street. Two of our entrances are wheelchair accessible.

The fee schedule varies depending upon the nature of the event.

Our available space includes the following:

For more information regarding possible building use, please contact our office at 508-755-2329 or email office@wamsworks.org.

To learn about the art and architectural history of the building, please click here to access the website: A Legacy of Art and Faith. The site was created by the Senior Concentration in Art History of the College of Holy Cross under the direction of Professor Virginia Raguin.